During our Florida road trip we had the privilege of diving in the Devil’s Den Spring. Devil’s Den is an underground pre-historic Spring that offers crystal clear 72 degree water year round, ancient rock formations with stalactites, fossil beds dating back 33 million years and a great diving or snorkeling experience for everyone. There is no general swimming allowed in the Den however.


We arrived later in the day so we decided to set up camp on their tent campgrounds and go diving the next morning. Camping was $10 per person; it was quite an enjoyable experience as we had the entire park to ourselves the whole night, although there is not much to see besides the Den itself, which closes around 5PM (last dive must begin by 4:30PM). Once you have the camping pass you can come and go as you please, just have to lock the gate behind you!
The key here is to arrive early and preferably not on a Friday because the Den will be full of scuba divers and it could get cramped at times, also the water probably won’t be so clear if the divers are kicking up dirt. If you are there by 11AM there will probably only be a couple people in the Den, if any at all. When we went in at 11AM there were a few other people but plenty of space to navigate around and as far as we know there was no time limit on our time in the Den. The water felt a little colder than 72 degrees but it was worth the experience. The average depth is between 50-55 feet. If you are going scuba diving you MUST have a dive buddy or you will not be allowed to dive. If you do not have a dive buddy before arriving sometimes a member of the staff will go diving with you, depending on how busy they are.


Overall it was a pleasing experience. The staff were very professional and courteous and it should be on any diver’s list to visit at least once. We recommend taking a GoPRO with you to capture the beautiful views that the Den offers, especially on sunny days as the sun will shine will shine right through the opening above the Den!
You can visit the official website for the Den at http://www.devilsden.com/home.html. Here you will find all the details on pricing and their rules. Happy diving!


Joey is a West Virginian native who enjoys traveling and exploring the unknown. He has a passion for producing videos and photos along the way so he can share his travel experiences with others.

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