Koh Rong Cambodia

It was not long ago when the Island of Koh Rong was just another jungle in Southeast Asia with a few huts and villages. Today, Koh Rong has turned into a backpacker’s paradise, specifically the Koh Tuch Beach Strip. Koh Rong boasts some of the most beautiful, untouched white-sand beaches in all of Southeast Asia. Being one of the largest Islands in Cambodia, it is still surprisingly undeveloped, and has yet to be overrun with large hotel chains, which is a good thing as it preserves the natural beauty and local villages of the island.

We are two explorers from Florida, with a passion for travel videography & photography. We have quit our jobs and sold our belongings to turn a dream into a reality. We plan to trek to some of most exotic and remote parts of Southeast Asia, along the way meeting new friends and creating awesome experiences. We will go where the every day tourist and backpacker will not, to get some of the best raw, unfiltered content to inspire others to pursue their dreams…

I have just recently caught the “travel-bug” and it has made me completely shift my focus in life. It’s the reason for starting this blog and why I will continue to post often on here about my experiences.

Unfortunately, I have not started down the road yet but I will be doing so in approximately one year. It may be tempting to quit my job today and hop on a plane to Phuket, Thailand but it wouldn’t be wise. It’s best to save as much as possible before leaving, get any needed vaccinations and get things sorted at home.


After explaining my thoughts I am often asked by co-workers and family why I would want to just get up and leave my current life behind to start traveling. They will ask; what are you running away from? If you’re not happy with your current circumstances why not just find a new job and “settle in” like everyone else? What is so great about traveling anyways, why not just enjoy your weekends and paid time off? I have always dreamed of a life filled with adventure and a weekend simply is not going to cut it.

For some reason, others see my desire to travel, meet new people and see amazing places as running away from the “real world”. I would almost want to agree as I am indeed running away from how they perceive life should be lived. I am running toward how I want to live my life and what will ultimately bring me the most happiness in this world. Exploring different cultures and meeting new people on the road with similar interests is absolutely priceless in my opinion.


A lot of people today will settle for jobs they don’t like and lifestyles they don’t enjoy simply because they need to keep bringing the money in to stay afloat. Remember folks, life is short and will pass by very quickly… oh and we only get one shot at this. I do not want to be the one that has to look back wishing I had done things differently when I had the opportunity to do so in my younger years. Instead I want to be able to reflect on the crazy experiences and awesome people I had the chance to meet whilst living life how I actually wanted to live it.

If you really want something in this life, you must pursue it passionately. Never, ever give up!