Scuba Diving


Diving really wasn’t on my mind until a couple years ago when Chandler and another friend were talking about how they were PADI Open Water certified, and since we are a competitive group of friends I started looking into diving and how to get the open water certification. After reading some stories and watching a few YouTube videos on diving I was instantly hooked, nothing was more interesting to me than the alien world that lies below our feet whenever we’re in the water. With your open water certification you are certified to dive down to 18 meters or 60ft….

During our Florida road trip we had the privilege of diving in the Devil’s Den Spring. Devil’s Den is an underground pre-historic Spring that offers crystal clear 72 degree water year round, ancient rock formations with stalactites, fossil beds dating back 33 million years and a great diving or snorkeling experience for everyone. There is no general swimming allowed in the Den however.