We were supposed to wrap up the Rescue Diver course today but Jack has an ear infection and couldn’t dive. Joey’s ear isn’t great either honestly but he came out with us.

Instead of doing our rescue diver scenarios, we did two standard fun dives but we added a bit of Divemaster skills to the day. I got to give the boat briefing to the one tourist fun diver with us and our instructor had us pretend he wasn’t there. In other words, Joey and I had to plan our dive out together, brief each other, do our equipment checks, and lead the dive once in the water. Our instructor just observed to make sure we were safe and teach us afterward what we could do better.

The other cool thing we did was switch gear underwater with our instructor at the end of each dive. Once while in negative buoyancy on the sandy bottom, and another time while in neutral buoyancy over a rocky bottom. It’s little drills like this that build more confidence as a diver and makes the day more interesting!

Upon getting back, we did finish our Rescue Diver course knowledge reviews and took the dreaded final exam! Not that dreaded really, and I only missed 1 out of 50. Pretty good day for diving. Now lets hope everyone’s ears heal up!


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