Joey’s still out of the fight today of course, but I got Jack back with me. We’re finally getting that amazing sunny weather that brings people to islands like this and it’s evident as the boat is full today. Seven customers doing everything from a refresher, to Discover Scuba Diving, fun diving, and pre Divemaster Training. All hands on deck today.

Since the weather has finally cleared up, the surf will allow us to safely venture around Koh Rong to Long Beach where some of the nicest dive sites around are. It was a great change of pace! The first dive was a great coral patch where we spotted quite a bit of sea life to include a scorpion fish, nudibranchs, and a cuttlefish couple enjoying lunch together. Great stuff!

The second dive we saw less highlight animals but the coral formations were growing on massive rocks, some of which 6 meters high and made an incredible rock/coral garden. The visibility was the best we’ve had at about 6-7 meters.



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