It’s Jack and I out today with an instructor in order to learn more about leading fun dives. I took the first one and the conditions were absolutely terrible. 1 meter visibility with a swift current. Even though I was the leader I managed to get separated from the group not once, but twice! Great start at leading divers I suppose.

The second dive was the exact opposite. little current with about 10 meter visibility. That was Jack’s dive and he obviously did a good job. We got to see a lot more fish on that one but you can really tell that shark over fishing was a problem here. Even around the best reefs there is no sharks and only the occasional blue spotted ray, hiding very shyly in crevices under rocks and coral. We should have at least seen some nurse sharks by now. The only sharks we’ve seen were very little and too deep and well hidden to be messed with by the locals. It’s unfortunate to not be able to see more of these beautiful animals in the wild.



Joey is a West Virginian native who enjoys traveling and exploring the unknown. He has a passion for producing videos and photos along the way so he can share his travel experiences with others.