Nope. Everyone’s ears did not heal up. Not only can Jack still not dive but now Joey is out of commission also with a gnarly ear infection. I was actually woken up this morning to a pounding on my door and Joey in dire need of Advil. We got him on antibiotics and he’ll heal up but he’s out of the water for at least the next three days. A bit of a setback but we’ll see what we can do I suppose.

In the meantime, I took today off for one very important reason. My favorite restaurant on the island is playing a full, season 7 marathon of Game of Thrones and I have seen none of said marathon yet. A real flat screen TV and club style speakers so everyone knows that if they come in the restaurant it’s for one reason and one reason only. I’m so stoked right now!


Joey is a West Virginian native who enjoys traveling and exploring the unknown. He has a passion for producing videos and photos along the way so he can share his travel experiences with others.