Who We Are

Chandler and Joey both have a passion for exploring foreign lands and cultures. They are explorers and adventure videographers that are going to take you to the most exotic places on Earth through their Youtube channel Fearless Trek.
Fearless Trek: Southeast Asia will kick off in August of 2017 and take you to the best parts as well as the most remote parts of Southeast Asia. From Bangkok to Brunei, no stone will be left unturned! We hope all of you will follow along with us on this journey. More about each of us below!


Chandler in Belize

What’s up everyone! I’m Chandler from Fearless Trek! I was originally born in the panhandle of Florida in a small town called Niceville where I lived the first 8 years of my life. At only 8 years old I was uprooted and brought half way around the world to live the next 2 years of my life in Germany. My family brought me all around Europe and although I was young, I was hooked on traveling!

My Dad then accepted a job at NASA and we moved to Titusville, Florida where I met Joey. Although my traveling slowed down, my adventurous side was always invigorated by all the things I got to see and do at the Space Center. Finally, while working on my AA degree at Brevard Community College, i got the chance to stretch my legs and do a study abroad in Belize for 3 weeks of scuba diving, jungle treks, and Mayan ruins.

I learned more those 3 weeks than the rest of my college years combined and only wished I could keep traveling. I was in my first semester at the University of South Florida when Joey brought up the idea of traveling the world for a living and I was instantly sold!  So here I am with a backpack and a bucket list, ready to step off on Expedition: Southeast Asia.


Somewhere in the Florida bush.

Greetings, fellow Fearless Trekkers. I’m Joey – I come from the Wild and Wonderful state of West Virginia. I enjoy traveling and exploring the unknown and I have a passion for producing videos and photos along the way so I can share my experiences with others.

Being tied down to a 9-5 job every day, living the average, mundane life that many have accepted as the norm just wasn’t cutting it anymore. This is why I’ve decided to take a chance, a risk, to drop everything and travel the world with a friend; thus, Fearless Trek was born.

We will go where the every day tourist and traveler will not, to get some of the best, raw, unfiltered content for others to enjoy. My goal is to give others who have the same dream of exploration the courage to make the jump.